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Sydney Shade And Shutter supplies the highest quality awning products guaranteed!

Sydney Shade And Shutter supplies a wide range of awnings that can be manual, motorised .

  • Automatic Awnings

  • Canopy Awnings

  • Convertible Awninings

  • D-Track Awnings

  • Florentine or Robusta Awnings

  • Folding Arm Awnings

  • Metal Awnings 

  • Straight drop Cord and Reel or Gearbox 

  • System 2000 Awnings

  • Verandah Straight Drop or Shop Front Awning

  • Wire Guide Awnings 

Our consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options that are suitable for your home and shop.



Automatic Awnings have a spring-loaded top roller, and two guide rails fitted flush to wall with standout arms. 

This awning is adjusted by twisting the bottom bar and guiding the arms up and down the rails. It will automatically lock in, when the bottom bar is released in a 90 position.


Canopy Awnings are designed withaluminium bars structure and covered in either fabric or PVC. Canopy Awnings are an excellent way for sun, rain protection as well as decorative awnings over window, doorway and shop front. 

Available Shapes

• Rectangular 

• Dutch Hood 

• Boulevarde

• Half Round

• Ellipse and

• Elliptical


Convertible Awnings are popular, versatile. Convertible Awningscan be operated either externally with rope, tape, winch, internally with either tape or winch or motor. Awnings are ideal for windows, doorways and pergolas.


D-Track Awning is SIDE RETENTION blind systems

Most, when combined with the appropriate fabric (Clear PVC, Sun Screen, and Block Out) allow you to take the “indoors outside”, increasing living and entertaining areas by providing year round protection from the elements and options for quick easy operation (Manual and Motors)

It is smooth rounded profile is designed to enhance and frame the fabric while minimizing visible zips or Kadar spline edges.

D-Track Awning is a perfect stylish modern system for Pagolar with the slim-line bottom bar and side channels have a smoother, rounder, more pleasing look about them.

service will have you coming back for more.


Florentine or Robusta Awningsare based on the Convertible Awning. 

It has two guide rails fixed to the wall and pivot arms can be moved up and down the rails, once the awning is out to all more clearance under the awning. Florentine or Robusta Awnings are ideal for doorways and balconies. 


Folding arm awnings provide a range of modern shade solutions for the best in outdoor living leisure. Engineered and manufactured in Sweden, the FA40 Series is a new range of heavy-duty folding arm awnings designed for terraces, bungalows, balconies, kiosks, shops, restaurants and more.
Easy to operate, the FA40 Series offers externaloperation by gear or motor and internaloperation by motor. The motor can incorporateautomatic controls, such as remote control orsun and wind sensors.


Metal Awnings give complete year-round protection from the harsh Australian sun, providing shade and shelter,helping to keep your home cool in summer, and protecting your home, furnishings and blinds.  
Australian Quality - Metal awnings designed for windows, patios, doorways, terraces, bungalows, balconies.


Straight drop Cord & Reel awningscan be operated either externally with rope, tape, winch, gear box internally with either tape or winch or motor. Straps are attached to the bottom and eyelets are fixed into the ground to stop the blind swinging around. A cleat is then positioned on one side to tie off the blind. Straight drop Cord & Reel or Gearbox awnings are ideal for pergolas, balconies and restaurants.


System 2000 Awnings are designed spring-load on the arms. They are suitable for window, patios, doorways, terraces, balconies.


The Verandah Straight Drop is a cord and pulley system. It is ideal for sloping roof ends, pergolas and balconies, patios and shop front.

Australian Quality - The Shop Front Awning is designed with heavy duty J-hooks, hung from shop awning.The J-hooks hold the awning in place in the down position. Awning is operated up and down by rope. It is ideal for providing shade to shopfront windows, usually covering total width of shopfront. 


Wire Guide Awning is self-aligning system on the wire guide cables. 

Awning is guided up and down on the wire guide.Awning can be operated by geared crank handle or motor.Wire Guide Awning is ideal for pergolas and balconies.

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